The Grammar Board

The grammar board is a wonderful visual bringing to life the parts of language.  It starts off by giving each part of speech a symbol.  There is a display of 3 dimensional objects which represent each part of speech.  Example:  The verb is signified as a big red ball.  The red becomes the color for verb and the ball becomes the symbol, rightly so and it moves and rolls across a table just like a verb…..showing motion/action.  Along with this display are cards which help the kiddo memorize the symbols to the words of what those parts of speech are called.  What is more important is the grammar board itself.  Sentences are supplied so that they are broken down into each of their individual words leaving a place on the board for the grammar symbols to be placed above each word accordingly where the words are placed also to break down the sentence.  This helps with reading, fine motor skills and grammar comprehension.  Also aides in learning the motor planning needed to build sentence structure.

We usually use the grammar stamps alongside this activity (which are not pictured).  This is useful when writing down the sentences on paper without the need of using the wooden one dimensional symbols and changes it up a bit adding an additional fine motor skill to work with.