Some work from today……

Work completed today included English revolving around the Houghton Mifflin English textbook. There is a matching workbook that we use alongside the text….I found that the girls do well with a standard textbook and we add other materials and ways to learn through general workbooks, internet based learning and Montessori style materials. Today’s focus was on singular possessive nouns and plural possessive nouns.

We worked additionally on handwriting skills by me calling out various sentences for the girls to write in their handwriting notebooks. This also included spelling skills.

We did some reading and reading comprehension in the girls On Core Reading comprehension workbooks. And added a fun activity of Mad Libs at the end of the day…..Pictured below is a photo of the textbook and workbook we use for English study as the main basis of what we are looking at to follow for 4th grade material.

4th grade English textbook with workbook