Quick post of material

I’m adding photography which I may or may not have posted but just in case I’m posting it again.

We’ve continued on working in our Spectrum test workbooks on Fridays to go over material learned during the week. We picked up some English testing workbooks and Math testing workbooks that are specific to our state so this has helped us in the way we know we are keeping up with what everyone is learning also. It gives me a nice outline of what should be learned first as well.

The girls are still working in their Lifepac units in all subjects. They enjoy the small unit lessons with worksheets as practice in the end of each unit. We’ve touched up on a few history lessons specifically american indians as this is seeming to be a special interest to them both. We talked a little about the Wright Brothers and aircrafts also as it was another interest.

The girls are still working on their Lexia Core 8 material on their ipads and are flying through the levels. They enjoy their Jacobs Ladder workbook where they read stories and we talk about what they have read afterwards and what it means to them. They do very well with reading comprehension. We have been working on the Green Series Language also in Montessori and the girls are finishing drawers up much quicker than it took me to create the materials! Other favorites are a math workbook called 180 days of math at their 3rd grade level. They like this book as it mixes and matches up math so you aren’t just working on what type of problem for pages at time……

We have also been doing a lot of writing and spelling words work at the board both writing and typing . Lily does much better with storytelling and focusing on spelling when given the tools to type out her story instead of writing it. We do handwriting as well but have different times to practice each. Maggie enjoys typing and is getting very good at a computer keyboard. We may be adding typing lessons to our days soon. I am looking for a keyboard graphic to help them learn positions without having to look at their fingers.

Additionally, we’ve been working on experience stories at the board, both typing and writing by hand.