Fun with Geometry and Measurement

One of the subjects we brought back that we have been looking further into is geometry and measurement. The girls have long known their shapes and their solids but they are finally getting to apply all that information that they have learned. In addition to using the Montessori Solids we combined a flipbook of various subjects in geometry to help guide us through our geometry workbooks.

Above materials pictured are the geometry materials minus a few things including the montessori blue solids. But the montessori clock is pictured that we use regularly to learn time which helps as the five chain beads are placed in such a way that it makes counting by fives easy to remember which it comes to the minutes. We worked on money this day as well which is why you see the penny hundred board or dollar board out. One of their favorite workbooks combines all three subjects.

Some of the topics gone over in geometry are listed below in no particular order and I’m sure I’m forgetting a few things.

  1. Cube, rectangular prisms, pyramids, cones, cylinders and spheres were discussed.
  2. We talked about edge, corner, vertex and faces on shapes.
  3. Area and perimeter
  4. Lines and line segments, point, line segment, ray, parallel lines, and intersecting lines.
  5. Right angle, obtuse angle, acute angle, less than 90 degrees, more than 90 degrees, (angles)
  6. triangles and polygons, right triangle, acute triangle, obtuse triangle
  7. equilateral triangle, iscoseles triangle, scalene triangle, and polygons.
  8. Quadrilaterials, square, rectangle parrelogram, rhombus, and trapezoid.
  9. Introduction to volume
  10. Geometry game (3-4 levels of) which covered congruent parts, perimeter and perimeter of missing sides.

The geometry game mentioned above is a fantastic Level 3 and Up geometry game package that covers everything mentioned above plus. It comes with game boards, a flipchart of material, individual laminated booklets that cover the same material as the flipchart and then the game with all material covered in the flipchart but as a game base that allows children to have fun while they are learning. At some point I’ll take a snapshot of it and reference it here.