Some odds and ends

We’ve spent a great deal of time outdoors lately so I’ve had less photography to post but I’ll post some written notes below.

We’ve been working mostly with writing short stories with Dubard Language and going over sounds as review that goes along nicely with our green language series in Montessori. We are still working on prepositions, verbs and pronouns in our short stories.

I’ve given the girls a few common core assessment worksheets for ‘testing’ to make sure they are keeping in align with common core standards. We’ve been working in math on fractions and simple division with the racks and tubes. The girls are finished with their major Hooked on Phonics Language series now as they are now moving out of second grade material so this happened just in time. Though we still have some side activities associated with the set left. The girls are already flying through the green language set I created for them that is Montessori based. Though, we will be needing to review it as it is higher level material. I’ve thrown in a few flipcharts which are fun for the girls as they can write on them with dry erase materials and easily wipe off mistakes.

The girls have also been working on their Lexia Language learning on their ipads. In workbooks, which have lent themselves to handwriting skills also, we have worked on silent e recognition, contractions, suffixes, simple, and e_e, e, y, ey, ie, i_e.

In other math, the girls use their common core math workbooks (multiple choice) for work such as: find the missing numbers (reverse operations), arrays, and using number lines to solve math problems. We have additionally been working with the abacus being the regular old fashioned 1’s abacus and the formal 1s, 10, 100, 1000s abacus. Lily also used the blue Bars and bits today (math counting material) to do some of her addition problems (double digit). Maggie has mastered the art of carrying over now (both the rule and why she does it) and Lily is learning the concept through a visual process of exchanging one amount (or borrowing) to another.