Mostly English and Workbooks

Some listed material so my next post isn’t so huge with the photography included. The girls and I have been working much on handwriting and short paragraph writing. We are slowly adding the parts of speech to sentences that we have previously learned and are still learning. The girls worked lastly on prepositions and pronouns in their sentences in their paragraph writing and this week we will add more verbs in combination to make our paragraphs more descriptive.

In the workbooks, BrainQuest the girls worked on pronouns and prepositions to follow up with what they learned at the board. In the Reading and Math workbooks they worked on short vowel sounds, rhyming words, and ing and ed endings. We covered suffixes and prefixes and root words agaon. We talked about verbs in their different tenses. We additionally covered new sections on pronouns and worked with adjectives. The girls also worked on commas in dates and addresses. In math, they counted by 10s and 100s which is their favorite (though we work counting by multiple numbers with skip counting and skip chains). Their workbooks also covered geography, specifically using maps and science, the water cycle.

More to come later.