Language and Math

After working with the addition strip board and subtraction strip board last week the girls focused on the Stamp game with addition and subtraction before moving over to multiplication on the stamp game today. Other items worked on were the grammar board as shown below.

The girls have a wonderful activity pack resource center that is focused towards language but involves activities in a folder where they can sit down and independently work on different language activities. Their activities centered on punctuation and how it determines how we read the things we write.

The girls read and worked on the Hooked on Phonics series and are moving out of the 2nd grade level reading skills already. They will soon be moving onto a new box set. We did work on Lexia learning for Language on the ipad and they are progressing nicely with the levels.

We pulled out some common core math workbooks and topped it off with the addition snake game and subtraction snake game which are montessori math materials.

An activity pictured is the girls working on their interactive language notebooks which I enjoy watching them work on as they use all sorts of skills to complete their activity. Lily gets to work on her scissor skills and they learn how to line up and present and center their ideas. They work with the notebook by numbering the pages and adding a table of contents so each subject still includes skills used in language.