Just a few things….

Some work I have not posted about as we didn’t have any photography to go with it was workbook work. We have been focusing much on handwriting skills, spelling, reading and math for a while. Some of the workbooks include learning the meaning of words and finding the best words to complete sentences. We have been reading fiction and non-fiction books and talking about what those concepts mean. The girls have been working on math worksheets which introduce the concept of algebra, and they enjoy reversing operations of math problems to find the missing numbers needed to complete equations.

We have been working in their favorite brain quest workbooks too advancing them into third grade material slowly.

Today we did work on the board with the Dubard Method and worked on some short stories I created beforehand for the lesson. After writing and answering the questions in the short stories we worked on the board reviewing old phonemes and words associated with those phonemes. Lily enjoyed using her dynavox to type the sentences out as well as spell them out in handwriting on paper. Maggie used her ipad and keyboard to type out after she wrote her sentences also. We used the moveable alphabet today for Bob Books spellings words and also did some work with commas, apostrophes, and contractions.

Some of the math work completed with Montessori materials were with the addition strip board and the subtraction strip board. We worked with these materials to do some simple addition and subtraction equations picking those equations out from the equation boxes. After this the girls pulled out the stamp game and used this material to do higher level math addition and subtraction.