A collection of stuff while we were sick with a cold

So I’ll write out a list below for reference on some of the work that we were interested in while sick. I can’t remember if I’ve posted before about right angles in geometry. The girls have specifically found this interesting. So we’ve been learning about acute and obtuse angles, right angles and triangles alongside our geometry work with the geometry cabinet.

We’ve been working on multiplication in our workbooks. In unison we use the Montessori multiplication board. By using these tools it makes it easy to see the patterns created in multiplication. Lily has been doing a fantastic job writing out her numbers. Where before she could only do numbers with hand over hand assistance she is independently writing them all now. The girls worked on the trinomal cube and the binomal cube in geometry and the Rectangular Box A…..Some concepts learned in a lesson:

  1. rhombus
  2. parrallelogram
  3. trapezoid
  4. scalene triangles
  5. isosceles triangles
  6. equilateral triangles
  7. right-angled scalene triangles
  8. right angled isosceles triangles
  9. obtuse angled scalene triangles
  10. acute angled scalene triangles
  11. right angles

The girls worked in their 3rd grade math workbooks with place value and problem solving. They read their readers in their Hooked on Phonics readers set and we worked on spelling with the moveable alphabet. In some of their down time in between reading books we picked up on the pink and blue montessori language series. Their language arts workbooks were opened and worked in as well.

They just started their journey with learning the perimeter of objects and problem solving with known/given measurements. They enjoy the different steps in math to reach one answer.

We’ve also been working on Lexia Language learning on the ipad and the girls are now flying through the levels as their success in reading is growing. See ledger for details on levels completed.