Short Stories, Language and Math

We have worked a great deal at the board recently on handwriting skills and writing stories. Following through with the Association Method in Lanugage I created some question/answer stories to help them with handwriting and prepping them to write their own stories free style. Stories 1-3 are simply written for handwriting tracing and the subject is of animals. The next stories will not be fill in the blank but lines rather so they can write their story by themselves. Below are some pictures of the girls working on their handwriting sheets.

The girls have chosen to work often in their workbooks. In Math, we have worked on graphing coordinates for a day. In Language:

  1. Capitalization and Punctuation
  2. Nouns and naming nouns (Common and Proper nouns)
  3. Words with multiple meanings.
  4. Verbs
  5. Verbs/Present tense
  6. Telling sentences (statements) and questions
  7. Exclamations and commands

We also worked on Lexia on the ipad (language learning program).

In the girl’s testing workbooks we worked on several different subjects. In Language & Math:

  1. Language mechanisms
  2. Punctuation, Apostrophes and commas
  3. Capitals, commas, apostrophes and errors.
  4. Table of Contents and using one…looking up information in dictionaries, glossaries and the index and what is the difference.
  5. Using the dictionary and guide words.
  6. Reading comprehension and answering questions about text.
  7. Word problems with addition and subtraction
  8. Geometry and perimeter
  9. Plural nouns, difference between ‘s’ and ‘es’.
  10. pronouns
  11. verbs
  12. past tense verbs
  13. irregular verbs like go, do.
  14. Verbs: have, has, had
  15. Adjectives
  16. Contractions
  17. Subject/verb agreement
  18. Comparitive and superlative adjectives like, sweet, sweeter, sweetest
  19. possessive nouns (adding ‘s to nouns to show possession)
  20. Is is a verb or noun? Meaning of words like “peel”
  21. Adjectives and nouns: Which is it?

In Social Studies we talked about the types of changes our environment goes through over time. We talked about how old our house is and how transportation in those days was very different than today. We then looked at some before and after photos of different eras to show the difference that time makes on new inventions and how technology and advances change everything.

We topped off the end of our day today with a fun game of Sum Swamp. It is a math based game using addition and subtraction.