Geography and Science

Of course I forgot to add my hand written notes to my last post so I’ll add them in this post.

In geography, in addition to landforms and our earth discussions including where fossils, minerals and gems come from we did some workbooks that featured mountain ranges and labeled each. We focused on continents and mapping using the cardinal directions.

In science, we spoke about mass. We talked about the liquids, solids and gases. We went into the properties of mass and stated how mass can change discussing physical and chemical changes. We talked about mass, molecules and atoms also. Measurement was discussed by and weight and how we get those things. The girls reviewed force, push and pull, gravity, friction, and motion….including magnetism and electromagnets which was a nice follow up from our Snap Circuits lessons where we learned about motors and how they work.

We took out the science interactive Workbooks and added new pages to our notebooks which focused on parts of a plant, what plants need and what plants give us.

The girls worked in their common core workbooks grade 2 and read paragraphs, answering afterwards about the paragraphs read. Comprehension. And Lily worked in a math Workbook while Maggie finished up handwriting her sentences.

The girls completed a chapter in their common core workbooks for math (multiple choice).