Subjects Covered

We have been touching up on all sorts of subjects since the last post. I’ll post photography later when I have more time to download. But so I don’t forget I’ll list some subjects covered.

The new thing in the house that the girls are finding interest in is a gift from xmas called Snap Circuits. It is a great tool to start the brain out to think toward engineering and learning the basics of electricity. The kit they have is huge and full of all the bits to make an electronic masterpiece. It comes with full instruction books, teachers books and student books for learning what they are working with. It is taught one piece at a time in an easy way to understand. The age group suggested is 8 and up. I’ll add photos of the set in the post.

We’ve also recently acquired a new library of educational books with all subjects included but a great deal of it is aimed at science. This has sparked interest in earth science particularly. The girls have been reading about the solar system and the different sorts of layers and shapes of the earth right down to the minerals you can find in them. So we’ve moved a piece of furniture to one of main rooms we learn in and dedicated it to whatever subject is of special interest each day. Right now the subject is rocks, minerals and gems so we have different varieties of each stored in the drawers with guide books to help us define each one. There are a few rock excavation kits thrown in and I added a drawer of shells with a book to find out what each one is. I will add landforms in the next day before we switch subjects.

Other interest have revolved around animals, particularly birds. So we’ve been studying mostly birds in North America and our local birds as well as bird songs and exterior parts of birds. We’ve done this with several animals and have included life cycles of the bee, butterfly, Luna moth, chicken, ant, plant life cycle, sea turtle, and their favorite, the frog. I’ve added a new flip chart that talks about the inferior of the frog as the girls know the exterior and life cycle well. Recently, I added. Wonderful puppet tontheir puooet collection that actually morphs into the frog life cycle from egg to frog and that has been a hit. I’ll add photos of this later too.

Other subjects are reading and writing and math. Lily is doing a great job with learning to handwrite now unassisted without guide lines. Maggie is working on her penmanship. They are both strong readers and love math.

Geography has been included with our world studies. Having books on all the above topics in such a large amount has helped tremendously. We are happy to have come across a library of educational books for sale! That’s all for now.