Reading, Language and a few workbooks

We pulled out some of the pink and blue series Montessori Language cards in between reading books.  Cards and sounds worked on in the blue box:  L blends, I Spy Box #9 (Digraphs):  th, ch, sh, tch with matching picture cards.  Sounds are given and the child has to pick out the picture with the matching sounds.  In the Pink boxes:  Vowel E and Vowel O were covered again.

We spent more time at the chalkboard and desks learning the Association Method in Language covering more new sounds and reviewing older ones.  The girls worked more on their handwriting skills practicing the sounds and words we covered during lessons.  We also used the non sense words flip books to cover what we were learning.  In between board setups the girls worked in their workbooks at their desk which included BrainQuest and their 3 ‘desk workbooks’.  I chose workbooks for their desks that needed less help by me so that I could setup and prepare work for them while they worked quietly waiting for me to prepare (which only takes about 5 minutes in between some setups but is less time wasted if the girls can be learning something).  Subjects covered in them were math, reading coordinates on a map, using a graph chart, and mapping.



The girls finished a new level in their Hooked on Phonics workbooks completing the orange set.  We move onto the red set now.  We worked on spelling with Bob Books today and I gave the girls new spelling words to work on via the new Bob Books we read today.  Both Lily and Maggie typed out the spelling words then followed handwriting.  4 new Bob Books were covered today from Set 2, Book 10, 12, 7, and 8.   In between each kiddo reading their books we pulled out the Smart Talk machines and cards for the girls to practice their reading skills.