Association Method and Workbooks

We’ve worked a lot at the board learning language and the girls have been working on their handwriting skills at their desks these past two weeks.  Sounds we have focused on in the Association method are fairly difficult to post on wordpress as there are symbols associated with the sounds being learned that aren’t on a common keyboard.  But I will take photography of my ledger book to give a good idea of some of the material covered.  Words are mixed in with phonemes as well as drop drills or pretend/nonsense words.  The nonsense words are useful as they are an indicator of whether the child is reading or sight reading.  Both girls love working at the board and writing on the chalkboard for handwriting practice and it strengthens the wrists as well being at a vertical angle versus a horizontal one.  (Similar to painting at an easel.)  I have continued creating handwriting sheets for the girls to use for writing.  Lily works with the dotted lines very well and it is improving her ability to write without guidelines.  I’ve also noticed her shapes that she creates are more geometric.

Workbooks worked on recently are all level 2 workbooks….Some of the work completed involved skip counting by 2s, 5s, and 10s, skip counting with money referring to the type of money being counted.  and odd and even numbers in their Spectrum Math workbooks.  In their DK Workbooks we worked on tens and changing tens to meet the needs of other numbers.  In our geography notebook (180 days of geography) we worked on maps and learning the different parts of a map as a review.  They worked on directions and how to navigate maps.  In their Brainquest workbooks the girls worked on addition with double digits and single digits and double digits to double digits.  They used their place value boards and Lily used her checkboard beads to check her answers as a visual.