English for the most part

We’ve worked a great deal on English in this post.  The girls are almost ready to begin their next level on Hooked on Phonics and their workbook sets.  They are flying through the program.  Because it’s important to focus on their reading as the read aloud I have one kiddo work on the Montessori Pink and Blue series while one reads aloud a book and their workbook material to me.  This time we used the Montessori rhyming boxes from the pink series and the blends boxes from the blue series.  

Pink/Blue Series Rhyming boxes and blends: 

  • Pink Series:  /e/ and /u/ and included word lists 
  • Blue Series Box:  /l/, /t/, and /s/ blends 
  • Blue Series Box (ending blends): ft, ct, pt, nd nt, ng, mp and 28 picture cards to match

For math we worked on fractions which were a lot of fun even though it mostly involved worksheets and the girls fraction skittles (which are a montessori material not pictured)

We additionally have been working on Lexia on the ipads (details written in the ledger books) and ABC Mouse assessments which are primarily covering language right now.  Last session we did Singular and plural nouns as a review and worked on verb tense, past, present and future.