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Brain Quest Workbooks and Math

The girls broke open their Brain Quest workbooks today which they love.  The colorful pages stick out at them and somehow it makes the material they are learning much easier to receive.  Maggie thinks the work looks easier as it is spaced out on several pages rather than packed into one sheet.  So the girls did very well and covered lots of material today because of the element of fun.  

Areas covered: 

  1.   Phonics Beginning letter/ending sounds
  2. Con. blends
  3. Short vowel review
  4. Plurals with s, es
  5. Math-Place value to tens.
  6. Place value to hundreds
  7. Place value to thousands
  8. writing numbers with their word values
  9. Place value
  10. Changing ones

Workbooks included DK 2nd grade math, Brain Quest and Common Core Math, Part 1, Multiple choice.

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