Multiplication, English and Scissor Skills

Above photography shows the girls working on multiplication with the multiplication board which is a Montessori activity that is hands on and great for visual purposes for learning math.  Maggie used the laminated cards which are a great self check to see if you have the right answers.  Lily used her ipad app which is also Montessori based that gives out multiplication tables listed and you fill the answer in with the numbers provided.  This reduces the need to write down the problem and use your handwriting skills and allows Lily to focus on just the math.  Though often we combine the two sometimes we lose focus in doing so.

Above the girls work on their Lexia Learning worksheets that go alongside of what they are learning in the online program.  Lily is getting very good at her scissor skills with cutting paper and prefers to do it independently now without asking me for help.

Our lessons have revolved around handwriting spelling words from the Bob Books series of books also.  One day we worked on handwriting and the next new words were assigned for the girls to type and then handwrite afterwards.  Maggie is improving with her handwriting with the new paper she has been using.

Social Studies workbook pages were completed (2nd grade level) pg. 1-11.  The girls love following maps and learning about the various types of landforms people live on and the differences between them and how it changes how people live depending on where they are located… far as jobs are concerned and weather etc., including time zones which were also discussed.

We worked on math workbooks in counting by 10s and handwriting numbers.   Lily used her sandpaper numbers to help her form them in handwriting practice.

The girls love their phonics workbooks so those were pulled out also.

In our common core workbooks the focus this day was long and short vowels and reading fluency.