Lexia Learning Worksheets

We spent almost the entire day working on handwriting skills as Lily was interested (she often gets tired when handwriting) and Maggie was doing a great job keeping on the lines so she wanted to keep working on it too.   We worked on our Lexia Core 8 worksheets that go with the girls ipad programs.  Yesterday we worked on Lexia on the ipads so today we finished up worksheets on their current levels they are on in Lexia and any previous levels of work that was left unfinished.  The details of work completed are on their filing folders on file.

Lily got a chance to work on her scissor skills today and did most of the work independently.  This is a great achievement as it takes many steps to cut a piece of paper.  You have to use both hands in unison to achieve one job.  Each hand has a different job.  Everything from using your hand to hold the paper (and keeping your fingers from being snipped-so knowing where they are or what we call Proprioceptive input) to using the other hand to use the scissors……which means holding the scissors correctly.  Pointing them at the proper angle and cutting the paper at a proper angle too all while holding it still and just right at the angle you want your ending product to be as.  It takes an awful lot of coordinated movements to cut out a circle.  Or even a square.  We take it for granted when we just pick up a pair of scissors and cut something out of a piece of paper.  Today I watched my kiddo cut paper into strips and then squares all by herself.  And by no means is this something I take for granted because I was there to watch her every step of the way.  I knew her when she could hardly isolate a finger to represent the number one.  And now here she is cutting out her own work, reading the instructions all by herself and I couldn’t be prouder.