Common Core Workbooks, Reading and Khan Academy

We’ve worked on a variety of things the past few days one of them being Common Core Workbooks.  The girls did some handouts which were copied assessment sheets from their Grade 2 Common Core books then worked in their Common Core Grade 2 workbooks.   The focus was mainly on Nouns being Irregular Plural Nouns and Verbs being Irregular Past Verbs.

Reading was done with Hooked on Phonics in their workbooks and readers.  We followed up with this on their ipads with their Hooked on Phonics apps.

We started using Khan Academy recently where I gathered together a few lessons that were relevant to the subjects we are working on.  I found some work that I pulled into a lesson plan that covered grammar including:

  1. Identifying nouns
  2. Plural and Singular nouns
  3. Common and Proper nouns
  4. Concrete and Abstract nouns
  5. Irregular plural nouns: f to _ves
  6. Irregular plural nouns: mutant plurals

Both girls worked on each and this list can be found in the ledger book for Khan Academy on file.

Here’s a few snapshots showing the girls reading with their hooked on phonics readers.  You’ll also see a device called Smart Talk, which Lily is practicing reading while Maggie takes her turn with a reader book.  The ipad photographs do not show very much but this is their setup for Khan Academy.