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Hundred Board, Tens Board, Skip Counting and Workbooks

Our work the past few days has revolved around math.  Though some of our workbook pages have included English and we have done work at the board with Dubard Language (see ledger books and filing cabinet for examples and full detail of work completed).  I’ll start with photography and describe what I post.







We have progressively been working on spelling which I’ve posted about previously…….Above is a setup to type new spelling words out using our Bob Books as our spelling examples.  They are then handwritten and copied by hand for writing practice.



Because we’ve been working on the Hundreds, Tens and Ones (Thousands too but main focus is with simple math right now for carrying numbers etc.) we pulled out the tens board.  This was an exercise before moving into place value and decimal value as I’m trying to incorporate money at the same time in it’s decimal values.



Above is work with the hundred board.



Above is a combination of tens board, and skip counting by tens.





Lily works with the hundred board.


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