The Stamp Game & Spelling

8/13/18 Monday and 8/14/18 Tuesday…..

We’ve started the new year off with Math (though we worked all summer long).  I didn’t take pictures yesterday as it was just too much material that was hands on and I didn’t want to lose the girls attention to what we were learning.

We’ve gone over the decimal system in several different ways for some time now.  The girls started off with the golden material (math material that is montessori based) and we learned the difference between thousands, hundreds, tens and ones both visually and in the written format.  This was done through the golden beads.  So we worked on the stamp game yesterday, which is just like counting and adding (etc) with the golden beads but with tiles with the written numbers on them in each of their values.  So if you had a number like 24, then you would grab 2 tens tiles and 4 ones tiles.  This would represent 24.  So we did some simple addition yesterday re introducing the concept of using the stamp game again to do math as it’s been awhile.  We started with tens and ones with problems like 18 plus 24 and I boxed it out on a graph so they could see the tens value and the ones value.  We wrote the numbers down like this doing the addition…then transferred the math problem onto a piece of lined paper to answer it in a neater format.  This helped with many things but one of them was how to say the number.  Quite often the girls will get confused in counting place values of numbers and this was a self correcting way for them to double check themselves before uttering what number it was.  This was especially important as we added hundreds and then thousands to the mix.

The girls also chose from a stack of their reader books which book to read to me.  They chose a Hooked on Phonics book called Pop! Pop! Pop!

Common Core Assessment sheets were completed today also that revolved around reading a short story, in this case a fable and then answering simple questions about the story and writing that down.  This was done on a run off worksheet and it is now on file.

We worked in one of the Science workbooks (grade 2) where the subject matter was gravity and matter in all three forms.  We had discussion about it and then the girls answered questions on a worksheet. (filed)

We completed Bob Book spelling words last assigned and worked on handwriting for some time.  And I assigned them new words from the next Bob Book completed called, “Fun in the Sun”.  Those will be completed by Wednesday depending on tomorrows projects.

Below are only a very few pictures of the girls set up to work on spelling words.  One photo shows the setup for typing and writing words and the other is practice writing the last series of words given.